The Cunning Linguists



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Age Range (Please note that a lower age will not lead to an instant disqualification, but rather to a more intense probationary period. We are much more concerned with honesty, maturity and your general ability to not be a douche):

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On a scale of 1 to Matthew McConaughey, how laid back are you?
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Can you take a joke?
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What are you primarily looking for in a guild?

What led to your interest in The Censored Linguists, specifically?

Have you glanced at the FAQ on the main page?
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And you still want to be in our guild?
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In that case, what qualities/skills do you feel you would bring to our guild?

What is your proudest in-game accomplishment thus far in your time playing World of Warcraft?

Tell us something interesting.

There is a jar of jelly beans sitting on my desk. How many jelly beans are in it?