The Cunning Linguists


What type of guild is this?

The Cunning Linguists are, above all, a social guild. We value interesting, funny people who can communicate intelligently. Please note that this does not mean we align ourselves with the elitist grammar Nazis who pretend they're better than anyone who misses a single letter in a sntence. We understand that mistakes happen and that not everyone has perfect spelling. It just means that we prefer to avoid the company of barely intelligible morons who can't even bother to try to make sense.

The social nature of the guild doesn't mean we lack goals. We are currently in the process of getting together a raiding team and seek to stay on top of content both now and throughout Legion and beyond. We do not believe that the concept of a fun social guild is automatically contrary to successful raiding.

Also of note: We are not a "family-oriented" guild. We have no problem with profanity or over-the-top humor in /g chat or Discord. While we would frown upon a guild member being purposely offensive in the general channels (there are children listening, for God's sake!), we do not censor ourselves while amongst friends.

If this sounds like the kind of guild you would fit into...please, feel free to apply.

Now Recruiting Whom?

We are looking for members of all races, classes and specs. We will take members of all levels, however, if you are under level 20, you must have a current guild member vouch for you.

The main thing we ask of potential recruits is that they carefully consider if this guild is the type of guild they are looking for. We are very proud of our current member base, but understand that our guild's atmosphere may not be everyone's cup o' noodle. Some are looking for a less relaxed, more progression-driven focus, while others may simply not mesh well with our brand of humor. If you're just not sure if you'd be a good fit with us, though, there's certainly no harm in trying us out. Don't be afraid...we don't bite (except for Galnadir, but we put a football helmet on him to stop that).

While we don't generally close off recruiting to classes, we certainly prefer to recruit classes and specs with lower representation in the guild. For a more detailed breakdown of exactly what classes/specs we are currently lacking, check the "Recruit Pursuit" section of the site.

What's expected of new recruits?

1) Don't look for instant promotions. It's not that we don't like you. It's just that we have to protect the legitimacy of the guild for future generations. Far too many guilds succumb to giving too much instant access to all members. This opens the door to all kinds of thievery, drama and even total guild breakdowns...all things we would love to avoid. Don't worry. Your time will come. The best ways to ensure that it comes sooner than later, is to follow some of the next suggestions.

2) Be self-reliant. Sure, we like helping, and I would recommend to everyone that they help out a fellow guild member whenever it is not terribly inconvenient. However, we've all seen those level 10s who spend their whole day begging for money or runs through the Deadmines. Just keep your requests for assistance to an acceptable level and you'll be fine.

3) Be hilarious. Look...nobody wants to talk to boring people. This is just a fact of life. Sorry.

4) Be active. Let us know that you exist. Even simple things like congratulating guildies on the stupid achievements they get goes a long way to proving that you're at least interested in being a real part of the team. We don't want loners out there who just joined the guild for the in-game perks or because they liked the name (although, it sure is a nice name, isn't it? *Buffs nails on shirt, while beaming with pride*).

5) DBAD.


Stolen straight from Feathermoon's <Wildfire Riders> (with one small change), comes an important rule called DBAD:

Don't Be A Douche.

Seems simple, I know. Most of us go through our real lives each and every day without resorting to douchebaggery...why should the act of playing a fun game suddenly change that? DBAD should be applied to all of your interactions with the denizens of Azeroth. To fully clarify DBAD, here are a few examples:

1) Loot drama: People get so freakin' greedy and/or sensitive about loot, that someone actually had to invent an entire system to try to make things "fair." We currently don't use DKP, etc., and hope to avoid changing this in the future. We'll certainly keep our options open, but until it's proven to us that filling a guild with good, reasonable people can't work...well, we're skeptical about making any changes.
2) People drama: Not everybody's gonna like each other. For the most part, though, you just gotta set your differences aside in this type of environment. Bringing together random people for a common purpose is always going to create some personality clashes. On the same hand, if you feel strongly that someone's behavior is simply bad for the guild, feel free to let the officers know (those are the Authors and Master Linguist). If we agree, we are more than willing to hold a Gais to deal with the situation.
3) Relations with non-guild members: Don't sit your mammoth in the Dalaran fountain. Don't be an idiot in Trade Chat. Don't swear or indiscriminately trash-talk other players (unless they totally deserve it). We've got an image to uphold. At least I think we do.

In the guild-leader's opinion, DBAD should even apply to some of our dealings with the opposite faction to some extent (although, these are much less compulsory than our dealings with our own faction members):

1) When raiding Horde towns and cities, for example...leave the Flight Masters alone. Killing them only stops lowbies from enjoying their game elsewhere. That's not PvP...that's being a douche.
2) Don't seek out lowbies to kill. Certainly when running across a flagged lowbie, it's perfectly appropriate to destroy them, but then, just move on. Don't stand there ganking for the next half hour.
3) Leave that brave Blood Elf you find fishing in Ironforge alone, damnit!

Is it true your guild leader abandoned you for 3 years?

Look. Who among us hasn't decided they had enough and deleted their characters and smashed their authenticator at once point in their life? It could happen to anybody, right? The point is, he got better, and he'll never leave you beautiful guildies again.

Are these seriously questions that have been asked to you frequently?

Uh...yeah, sure. We get asked this shit all the time.


Alright, fine. They're actually just Preemptively Answered Questions That We Assumed Potential Recruits Might Have In Their Minds. But PAQTWAPRMHITM just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

I guess not. So where do I apply?

Just click here.