The Cunning Linguists

Rules and Procedures

Version ~ Effective 4.7.17


It is important to mention that The Censored Linguists (hereafter "TCL", "The Linguists" or "The Censored Linguists") strive to be as laid back as possible while still protecting guild interests. Having said that, it should be noted that the existence of such a long set of rules should not be misconstrued. These rules are not in any way designed to be overbearing or dictatorial.

However, it is generally accepted that most internal issues that arise in any guild tend to be the result of a lack of communication by the leadership, confusion on the part of the members or due to real or perceived unfairness in relation to member treatment. With that in mind, these rules will be as complete as possible in order to cover all possible scenarios. Most of them are fairly common sense rules, so reading through them is ultimately not very necessary. With them in place, however, we will have something to refer to in the event that there is ever any dispute.

The rules are not static and may change over time as we determine that adjustments are necessary. Version numbers and effective dates will always be listed and previous versions will be kept in an archive.

~I. Goals and Mission Statement~

There are four main aspects of the game with which TCL is concerned. These are the social aspect, the leveling game, end-game PVE and PVP.

A. Social - TCL is, above all, a social guild. Our main focus in all we do is gathering a group of intelligent, friendly, entertaining people to enjoy the game with. In this spirit, we also seek to hold occasional non-raiding events with a focus on enjoyability, camaraderie and fun.

B. Leveling - TCL seeks to provide a friendly atmosphere for those who are leveling alts or even their first characters. While it is frowned upon for leveling characters to take advantage of the generosity of their fellow members, we are all encouraged to lend a helping hand when it is convenient for us. We also seek to recruit members of all levels so that guildies at similar level ranges might have the chance to enhance the 1-110 experience by playing together instead of strictly solo questing.

C. PVE and Raiding - We do seek to put together raiding teams for end-game content. Having said this, The Linguists have no intentions of achieving world-first/realm-first boss kills or other such overly competitive goals. Our raiding style would better be described as casual than hardcore. While we will still help our fellow guildies to better themselves so that we might progress as far as possible, we tend to be more laid back than other guilds in terms of dealing with players who are new to encounters or having trouble with their class mechanics. We also seek members who are interested in less than cutting edge content as well, including achievement and fun runs of "outdated" content.

D. PvP - Admittedly, PvP is not a large focus of The Censored Linguists. However, we would still like to recruit members who are interested in the occasional Arena match or Rated Battleground in addition to PvE content. With enough interest, we might even add in scheduled PvP events.

~II. Ranks~

Note on rank requirements: We have added in small descriptions of what is expected of members in order to attain each new rank. None of the non-specialized ranks (up to Well Read) are very difficult to achieve, however. The main point in adding these requirements is as a preemptive strike against perceived preferential treatment.

1) Probationary: This is the rank which recruits invited by Well Read members start at. It is essentially the same as the Illiterate rank, but indicates that this player will undergo a more intensive period of scrutiny.

2) Illiterate: This is the rank that all other new recruits start at. It is devoid of any benefits and is essentially a personality testing ground. Additionally, this is the max level attainable by characters under level 30. (Note: After two months of inactivity, members are automatically demoted to this rank. Upon logging in after this period of time, they will be reinstated at their previous rank upon officer approval.)

3) Phonic Hooked: Upon simple demonstration of their lack of douchebaggery, recruits will be promoted to this rank. This rank may potentially be attained very quickly. Access to the guild bank and repair funds are granted. This is the max level attainable by characters under level 60.

4) Reader: As members continue to make themselves known in the guild, they will be promoted to this rank. It is mainly expected that Readers contribute to the social atmosphere of the guild in a generally positive way. Again, benefits are increased at this rank. This is the max level attainable by characters under level 90.

5) Well Read: The highest normal rank attainable, Well Read members are expected to be fairly well known amongst their fellow guildies. They are also expected to make occasional contributions to the guild in some fashion. This contribution can take the form of: Donating mats to the guild bank, making professions available to the guild, helping lowbies with dungeon runs, being a part of guild raids or many other simple things. Essentially, Well Read members take a tiny extra step to show that they truly want to be an important part of the guild. Benefits are increased again and the ability to invite new recruits is added.

6) Co-Author - This rank is reserved for the alts of Authors. It gives them access to important guild management controls -- such as the Guild Message of the Day -- while playing alts, without compounding their access to the guild bank.

7) Authors - These are the officers of the guild. They are voted in during guild elections. They assist the Master Linguist in the daily management of the guild and are trusted to properly handle problems if they arise. They serve as a council to Master Linguist when it comes to important decisions, have the ability to promote or demote members and will have sole access to Tab 8 of the guild bank. Benefits are increased for these members. Authenticators are required for members of this rank.

8) Master Linguist - The guild master, Cutaia, is the only one at this rank. This rank takes on all the responsibilities of Authors when needed as well as any duties not elsewhere specified.

~III. Elections~

Guild Elections will be held every four months; specifically in January, May and September.

The election schedule is as follows:

1st of the month: Elections are announced as well as the amount of available seats. Interested parties, including those seeking re-election, will have until the 10th of the month to nominate themselves or others.
10th of the month: Nominations are closed and campaigns begin.
20th of the month: Voting begins.
30th of the month: Polls are closed and the results are announced.

The amount of seats to be filled will be determined by the needs of the guild at the time. As of this revision, the guild requires 2 Authors.

In the event that no nominations are made in the first 10 days of an election, the current officials will retain their seats by default.

Finally, if any elected official steps down from their position between elections, the also-ran who had received the most votes will be promoted. If the losing candidates are no longer in the guild or simply not interested in taking the seat, a small election will be held to find a replacement.

~IV. Recruitment~

TCL is always recruiting. We are a fairly inclusive guild and feel that we have more to offer our members than simply a raiding schedule. While we may occasionally notice an additional need for certain classes or specs to maintain a good balance, we will not turn people down on the sole basis of already having members with their particular class/spec.

There are two methods of recruitment: Active Recruitment and Passive Recruitment.

A. Active recruitment will only be done by Authors and the Master Linguist. Active recruitment includes forum posts, in-game ads in the general channels, etc.. In-game ads must be clear, concise and must properly project the type of guild TCL is. In-game ads must never include the fact that "we have a tabard," unless done with intentional irony. These ads are expected to be presented in a reasonable fashion, without "spamming" or otherwise being annoying.

Potential recruits found during active recruiting may apply through one of two methods. They may fill out the application found at the guild website (which is the preferred method), or they may have a private conversation with one or more guild officers to determine if we are the right guild for them.

B. Passive recruitment occurs when Well Read members meet and g-invite players they feel would be a good addition to the guild. These recruits will be subject to a slightly more intensive informal scrutiny period due to their having bypassed official recruiting methods.

Level restrictions: We will take members of all levels, however, if you are under level 20, you must have a current guild member vouch for you. Exceptions to this will include alts of established members.

~V. General Behavior~

This is truly the defining behavior rule of The Linguists. It is a broad, yet simple rule. DBAD stands for "Don't Be A Douche." Essentially, all behavior rules that follow are mere subcategories of the basic overarching concept of DBAD.

B. Ninja behavior:
1) Ninjaing from within the guild is absolutely unacceptable. Ninjaing the guild bank or ninjaing loot during a guild run will result in an instant g-kick.
2) Ninjaing outside the guild will also not be tolerated. However, in these events we must require some semblance of proof as to what happened. We have enough faith and trust in our guild members that we can not simply g-kick members indiscriminately based on the word of strangers.
Outside accusers will be left with the burden of proof in these scenarios and will be asked to provide said proof within forty-eight (48) hours of making their accusations. If they agree to provide this, the alleged ninja will be placed on a temporary hold as a Probationary, either until the officers have had a chance to review the presented materials or for 48 hours, whichever comes first.
If we determine that the accuser is lacking adequate proof of their claims, or that the incident was a misunderstanding and not intentional dishonesty, the accused will be reinstated at their previous rank.
However, if it is shown that a member of TCL did indeed commit a ninja act, they will be removed from the guild.

C. Guild Reputation:
The guild seeks to maintain a good reputation throughout Bronzebeard. Members are expected to act accordingly. This means that in addition to the Ninja Behavior rules, we expect that members will treat their fellow players respectfully. This does not, by any means, indicate that The Linguists may not properly and intensely react when confronted with complete boors, imbeciles, bullies, ninjas or any other types of undesirables. It means that our interactions with friendly, nondescript, or even harmlessly "noobish" players should reflect well upon ourselves. TCL should never be seen by the populace as a group full of complete scoundrels or elitists.
This also means that our members are expected not to grief other players (of either faction). Examples include purposely parking mammoths in inconvenient places, being obnoxious in trade chat and swearing at or indiscriminately trash-talking players who do not deserve it. Again, every effort should be made not to purposely grief members of the opposing faction either.

D. Annoyance:
This is a very tough rule to write or enforce. By no means can we be expected to stop every personal behavior that annoys one person in the guild. People are people and will therefore not always agree about what is funny or appropriate. Because of this fact, conversations in guild chat should remain mostly uncensored. However, there may be times when a large percentage of guildies find themselves annoyed or offended by certain recurring conversations. In cases such as this, a Gais will be held to rationally discuss the situation and it may be requested that the behavior cease or be toned down. This will be handled on a case by case basis, though.

E. Criticism:
Criticizing or admonishing fellow guildies is not something that should take place in guild chat. If there is a gameplay issue you feel is important to bring up, please do so in a private message. If you would prefer for a third-party to handle your concern, you can ask an officer to assist you. When issues ARE brought up, they should be in the form of constructive criticism. Simply bad-mouthing a fellow guildie because they made a mistake or didn't perform to your expectations is rude and not acceptable.

F. Drama:
1) Loot drama: While any member is free to recommend a loot system they think would better suit the guild's needs (and these recommendations are indeed looked at and discussed by the officers), it must be understood that there is a loot procedure in place that will be followed (found in Section VIII below). If the loot procedure was followed properly, it is not acceptable to cause loot drama. This includes begging for loot that you did not win, complaining about the results, rage quitting a raid over loot, or just plain being a loot whore. These situations will be handled on a case by case basis by the officers.
2) People drama: Not everybody's going to like eachother. For the most part, though, members must set their differences aside in this type of environment. Bringing together random people for a common purpose is always going to create some personality clashes. On the same hand, if you feel strongly that someone's behavior is simply bad for the guild, feel free to let the officers know. If they agree, they are more than willing to hold a Gais to deal with the situation.

~VI. Event Schedule~

The current schedule is as follows:

~VII. Raids~

1) Raid lockouts: It is expected that raid-ready members of the guild will save their raid lockouts for any planned events. This includes both current progression content and fun runs.

If you will be unable to attend any particular guild run, though, then you should feel free to use your lockout on a pug. Similarly, content that the guild is not actively working on can be pugged freely, however, please consider inviting any appropriately geared guildies whenever possible.

2) Gear requirements: Our goal is that average iLevel will be used only as a general baseline for raid entry; as such our list will be rather forgiving. These numbers are also, by no means, set in stone. If we feel the majority of a group overgears content enough to warrant bringing folks who are below the baseline, this can certainly be allowed.

Current average iLevel "minimums" for progression raids are as follows:

Tomb of Sargeras (Normal)Wing 1 ???
Wing 2???
Wing 3???
Wing 4???

3) Performance requirements: At times, raiders may find that they are not performing appropriately (i.e. healing, survivability, dps, mechanics, etc.) despite having the required gear level. Some slight or temporary variations are to be expected, especially when class mechanics change. However, chronic or severe under-performance that impedes the guild from progressing becomes a much harder problem for fellow raiders to ignore.

When performance issues lead to a stumbling block for the raid, the player should be approached with an offer to assist in researching rotations, ability usage or gearing strategies. If the guild is unable to help the player with education, or if the player is unwilling to accept assistance, it may -- sadly -- become necessary to sit them until they are able to raise their performance on their own.

In cases where low performance is stopping the guild from completing a tier close to the next content patch, the Authors may opt to skip the education phase, and sit the player until the release of the new tier.

~VIII. Raid Priority List~

To Be Determined...

~IX. Loot Procedure~

As of this revision, TCL does not utilize any type of DKP system. We currently do rolls with extremely limited Loot Council involvement.

We don't currently intend to change this system. Our main goal is to bring together a high class of people who can be trusted to make things work without loot drama.

Each drop will be rolled upon in the following order:

  1. Main-spec (If a raider has already won a main spec upgrade, their roll will be discarded against anyone who is rolling for their first upgrade of the evening. If someone has won twice, their roll will be discarded against anyone rolling for their second upgrade, and so on.)
  2. Off-spec (If a raider has already won an off spec upgrade, their roll will be discarded against anyone who is rolling for their first off spec upgrade of the evening. If someone has won twice, their roll will be discarded against anyone rolling for their second off spec upgrade, and so on.)
  3. Free Roll (For BoEs only. If no raid member has a main or off-spec use for a BoE, it will go up for free roll.)
  4. Disenchant (When running with puggies, everyone will roll for shards. If a guildie wins the roll, the shard will be sent to the guild bank.)
  5. Vendor roll (When all else fails.)

Tallies of won items are done on a night-by-night basis, and are never held over for the duration of multiple raid nights in any given week. BoEs that are received via a main/off-spec roll will be counted as a won item in that category. Enchanting materials, vendor items or BoEs won as free rolls will not be counted.

Since well-rounded gearing of the team is important to the success of our progression, you are asked to roll on decent upgrades whenever eligible. Passing on an upgrade from an early boss to "save" your roll for a potential drop from a later boss is somewhat counterproductive in most cases. One may not roll on an item with the intent of passing it to another player.

The loot council will only come into play after an initial roll has been done (in other words, the guild must legitimately win an item over the puggies before we can decide to make any changes to the recipient). This loot council involvement should be very limited. Examples where it might be appropriate to step in would be to give a crafting pattern to a recognized guild crafter, or to give a piece of gear to someone for whom it would be a huge upgrade, instead of a very minor upgrade.

The following exceptions to standard loot practice will exist:

Vanity items are items that do nothing for your character but make you feel awesome. Special mounts, pets, shirts and tabards are all examples. All raid members will always be eligible to roll on these types of items, regardless of what they've received so far that night. It is expected that these items will only be rolled upon by people who intend to use them, though. Winning these items will not be counted towards nightly allotments.

Current expansion legendary items are not up for rolls. Through officer discussion, these will always be given to someone who has consistently shown up for raids and who have greatly proven their skill. The guild leader will also be exempt from receiving these items. Legendary "fragments" will not be counted towards nightly allotments. Full legendary items will. Note: This rule applies to legendary items that drop rarely, or require many fragments to be saved up. Legendary items that regularly drop will be treated the same as epics.

Raids two or more tiers below the current level of content -- or raids from previous expansions -- will always be run using personal loot. There are no tallies of won items in such raids.

~X. Discord Rules~

TCL's Discord server will be used for raiding, general socializing, as well as by guildies who find themselves in pug groups that don't have another voice chat server to use.

In regards to behavior on Mumble, people should feel free to have fun, even during raids, as long as they aren't being distracting to raiders or becoming overtly annoying.

The Discord information is as follows:

Discord link:

~XI. The Gais Process~

It cannot be stressed enough: The Linguists' ultimate goal is to bring together great people in order to keep drama and douchebaggery from ever becoming issues in the first place.

In the event that someone breaks one of the rules outlined here or causes problems within the guild, a Gais will be held to determine a solution. This is essentially a private meeting between relevant parties and one or more officers. It is anticipated that a majority of these meetings will result in amicable solutions. However, if a person continues to disagree with the rules and/or leadership throughout the meeting, then obviously it needs to be asked if this is really the right guild for them.

All problems should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Understandably, this opens the door to complaints from people who feel wronged (e.g. "Why did such-and-such warrant a gkick, but such-and-such did not?"). However, it is the leadership's firm belief that rigid zero-tolerance policies eliminate any incentive for a team of officers to rationally think through cases individually. Our system allows for decisions to be made based on specific circumstances (even if it means a possible mistake here and there), rather than simply decreeing that all cases will be treated exactly the same just to avoid the hassle of potentially looking "unfair."

The Gais process is not intended for use on raiders who cause a wipe, have low DPS, et cetera. Gameplay issues deserve instruction and guidance...not confrontation and/or punishment.

~XII. The Mutiny Clause~

It is hereby recognized that organized mass insubordination put together in an honest fashion is a great way to enact changes that the majority desire. It is important to note that "honest" is a key word here. To provide an example to clarify: Confronting the officers as a group because you collectively feel that things can be made better in some way is an acceptable form of mutiny. Simply robbing the guild bank and gquitting to express anger, is not.

The guild should be thought of as a republic...not a dictatorship. The rules and leadership are here to represent what's best for the guild, but the rest of the members shouldn't be afraid to speak up and make themselves a part of the process when they have ideas.

The idea behind the mutiny clause is that it allows members to gather like minds to try and prove that their ideas are widespread. While we obviously can't make changes every time a lone person makes a suggestion, it's much harder to argue with the entire guild on such matters.


The revision history for this document can be found here.